The TION Rule (Major)

This Rule applies to those words in English with two or more syllables that end with the letters


To translate them into Spanish, we will substitute the ending with


As an example, the English word Nation is the Spanish word Nación (pronounced nah-see-on).
Remember that we will write an accent on the last syllable of Spanish words ending with ...ión.

Here are some purposely-chosen uncommon words as Examples

The TION Rule

English Spanish Helpful Reminders
...tion ...ción
Administration Administración
Adulation Adulación
Application Aplicacion only 1 p
Benediction Benedicción
Bifurcation Bifurcación
Classification Clasificación only 1 s
Conservation Conservación
Corruption Corrupción
Distribution Distribución
Embarcation Embarcación
Education Educación
Evacuation Evacuación
Frustration Frustración
Fabrication Fabricación
Gravitation Gravitación Quirk #12
Gasification Gasificación quirk #12
Hibernation Hibernación quirk #1
Hospitalization Hospitalización quirk #1
Installation Instalación only 1 L
Instruction Instrucción quirk #8
Justification Justificación quirk #2 & #8
Lamination Laminación
Laceration Laceración
Mechanization Mecanización quirk #8
Manipulation Manipulación
Narration Narración
Nation Nación
Nutrition Nutrición
Occupation Ocupación quirk #8, only 1 C
Oscillation Oscilación quirk #8, only 1 L
Palpitation Palpitación
Personification Personificación
Ratification Ratificación
Ramification Ramificación
Salvation Salvación
Sensation Sensación
Speculation Especulación quirk #6
Station Estación quirk #6
Transportation Transportación
Transition Transición
Violation Violación
Ventilation Ventilación

Well, how ABOUT it? You are reading and writing SPANISH!
With this Rule, you have just learned nearly TWO THOUSAND words in Spanish!

Notable Exceptions:

English Spanish Helpful Reminders
Carnation Clavel
Caution Precaución
Temptation Tentación
Translation Traducción
Congratulation Felicitación

For those English words in this Rule that you would pluralize by adding an "s" [i.e. Installations] you simply add "es" to the Spanish translation [i.e. lnstalaciones]

If you are surprised at how simple that was, then you are in for many more pleasant surprises in the chapters to come! This book has been designed to initiate you quickly to a "foreign" language and to get you into conversing in Spanish confidently. Once you have learned thousands of words in Spanish, it makes it much easier to learn the grammar! Some of the basics are covered in later Chapters in simple, easy-to-understand terms that will give you a head-start. Be sure to practice the Spanish pronunciation ofthe vowels as you read along!