The IZE Rule (Major)

This Rule applies to those words in English with two or more syllables that end with the letters


To translate them into Spanish, we will substitute the ending with


As an example, the English verb Realize, is the Spanish verb Realizar.

The "Z" in Spanish is pronounced like an "S"
(as in Song) [See Quirk # 13]
In the Spanish translation, the last syllable (ar) receives stress.(See "Accents", Rule II, Chapter One)
These words are all verbs, so here are some Examples

The IZE Rule

English Spanish Helpful Reminders
...ize ...izar
Amortize Amortizar
Analize Analizar
Botanize Botanizar
Brutalize Brutalizar
Capitalize Capitalizar
Catalize Catalizar
Deodorize Deodorizar
Detonize Detonizar
Editorialize Editorializar
Equalize Equalizar "Q" pron. like "K"
Familiarize Familiarizar
Federalize Federalizar
Galvanize Galvanizar pron. like "G", quirk #12
Glamorize Glamorizar pron. like "G", quirk #12
Habitualize Habitualizar "H" is silent
Harmonize Armonizar no "H"
Individualize Individualizar
Industrialize Industralizar
Initialize Inicializar "T" for "C", "C" sounds like C
Jovialize Jovializar quirk #2
Legalize Legalizar
Liberalize Liberalizar
Materialize Materializar
Mobilize Mobilizar
Modernize Modernizar
Nebulize Nebulizar
Neutralize Neutralizar
Patronize Patronizar
Penalize Penalizar
Specialize Especializar quirk #6
Tantalize Tantalizar
Trivialize Trivializar
Vulcanize Vulcanizar

Chalk up another thousand words, or so, to your Spanish vocabulary!
Admit it, you know a lot of Spanish already.
And you will soon learn a lot more!