The ITY Rule (Major)

This Rule applies to those words in English with more than two syllables that end with the letters


To translate them into Spanish, we will substitute the ending with


As an example, the English word fertility is the Spanish word fertilidad.
Here are some Examples

The ITY Rule

English Spanish Helpful Reminders
...ity ...idad
Ability Habilidad note "H", quirk #1
Agility Agilidad
Alacrity Alacridad
Amiability Amabilidad different spelling
Bestiality Bestialidad
Banality Banalidad
Calamity Calamidad
Capacity Capacidad
Cavity Cavidad
Compatibility Compatibilidad
Continuity Continuidad
Density Densidad
Deity Deidad Diphthong, pron. each vowel
Ductility Ductilidad
Eccentricity Excentricidad XC for CC
Elasticity Elasticidad
Electricity Electricidad
Finality Finalidad
Familiarity Familiaridad
Frugality Frugalidad
Generality Generalidad G pron. like H, quirk #12
Generosity Generosidad G pron. like H, quirk #12
Graduality Gradualidad
Hermicity Hermicidad quirk #1
Horizontality Horizontalidad quirk #1
Humanity Humanidad quirk #1
Identity Identidad
Immobility Inmovilidad N for M, V for B
Impartiality Imparcialidad C for T
Inactivity Inactividad
Instability Instabilidad
Justifiability Justificabilidad quirk #2
Lethality Letalidad no TH
Liability Liabilidad
Liberality Liberalidad
Lubricity Lubricidad
Luminosity Luminosidad
Mediocrity Mediocridad
Majority Mayoridad Y for J
Malignity Malignidad
Morbosity Morbosidad
Natality Natalidad
Neutrality Neutralidad
Normality Normalidad
Nulity Nulidad
Obesity Obesidad
Opacity Opacidad
Parity Paridad
Portability Portabilidad
Punctuality Puntualidad no C
Quadruplicity Cuadruplicidad C for Q
Radioactivity Radioactividad
Reflectivity Reflectividad
Salubrity salubridad
Sanity Sanidad
Senility Senilidad
Sensuality Sensualidad
Solemnity Solemnidad
Tonality Tonalidad
Tranquility Tranquilidad quirk #7
Ubiquity Ubicuidad C for Q
Unity Unidad
Vanity Vanidad
Veracity Veracidad

Notable exceptions:

English Spanish Helpful Reminders
Antiquity Antigüedad ü pron "oo"
City Ciudad
Gravity Gravedad different spelling
Rarity Rareza different spelling

By now you may have discovered that there are many more words "hidden" in these examples. Take one of the previous examples, the English word "Neutrality": by removing the ending, you end up with the word "Neutral". In many cases, it works for the Spanish translation as well: remove the ending ...idad and you have the word "Neutral", which is the proper Spanish translation! Sensuality without the ending is Sensual; Sensualidad without the ending is Sensual. You learned in Chapter Six that English words ending are the same in Spanish!
Some words such as "Tranquility" (Tranquil) are almost the same in Spanish. "Tranquil", in Spanish, is "Tranquilo"; "Solemnity" (Solemn) is solemnidad (Solemno)!