The ENT Rule (Major)

This Rule applies to those words in English with two or more syllables that end in


(Except ...ment)

To translate them into Spanish, we will substitute the ending with


Thus, the English word accident is the Spanish word accidente.
Here are some Examples

The ENT Rule

English Spanish Helpful Reminders
...ent ...ente
Affluent Afluente only 1 F
Apparent Aparente only 1 P
Astringent Astringente quirk #12
Client Cliente
Coefficient Coeficiente only 1 F
Coincident Coincidente
Consistent Consistente
Continent Continente
Decent Decente
Delincient Delinciente
Detergent Detergente
Different Diferente only 1 F
Efficient Eficiente only 1 F
Eminent Eminente
Equivalent Equivalente quirk #7
Excellent Excelente only 1 L
Existent Existente
Fluorescent Fluorescente
Gradient Gradiente
Imprudent Imprudente
Inconvenient Inconveniente
Indifferent Indiferente only 1 F
Indolent Indolente
Innocent Inocente only 1 N
Insurgent Insurgente
Intelligent Inteligente only 1 L
Intermitent Intermitente
Latent Latente
Malevolent Malevolente
Micronutrient Micronutriente
Nutrient Nutriente
Obedient Obediente
Occident Occidente
Omnipotent Omnipotente
Opulent Opulente
Orient Oriente
Pacient Paciente
Patent Patente
Permanent Permanente
President Presidente
Propellent Propelente only 1 L
Proponent Proponente
Prudent Prudente
Recurrent Recurrente
Repellent Repelente
Rent Renta feminine gender
Resident Resident
Resolvent Resolvente
Resurgent Resurgent
Revolvent Revolvente
Salient Saliente also Sobresaliente
Solvent Solvente
Sufficient Suficiente only 1 F
Transparent Transparente
Urgent Urgente
Vice-president Vice-presidente

Some exceptions:

English Spanish Helpful Reminders
Content (happy) Contento
Content (volume) Contenido
Event Evento
Purulent Purulento
Serpent Serpiente
Succulent Suculento only 1 C
Turbulent Turbulento
Unguent Ungüento ü pron like "oo"
Violent Violento

To translate English words that end in:

English Spanish Helpful Reminders

English words ending with ...tious can be translated to Spanish by substinting the ending with ...cioso. As an example, the English word ambitious is the Spanish word ambicioso.

The English endings ...tious and ...cious both sound the same. They both have an "S" sound. English can be very complicated. Perhaps the real complexity in learning Spanish is understanding how to uncomplicate English!
In Chapter One we learned that double consonants are not used in Spanish, with the exception of the C, LL and the R. Also, we have seen that Spanish does not have tricky letter combinations like KN, or PH!

Here is a reminder of what isn't allowed in Spanish.
In Spanish, we have learned, the "T" always sounds like a "T", which is true for all of the consonants. Each letter sounds like what it is!
Inasmuch as the ...tious in English sounds like an "S", the Spanish translation (...cioso) keeps it that way!

To translate English words that end with


We will susbtitute the ending with

English Spanish Helpful Reminders
...ment ...mento
Apartment Apartamento add an A
Argument Argumento
Armament Armament
Cement Cemento
Compartment Compartimento add an I
Department Departmento
Foment Fomento
Impediment Impedimento
Moment Momento
Sediment Sedimento
Segment Segmento

Some exceptions:

English Spanish Helpful Reminders
Comment Comentario
Derailment Descarrilamiento
Establishment Establecimiento
Judgement Juicio
Sentiment Sentimiento andd an I