The BLE Rule (Major)

This a very interesting rule, you're gonna love it!


Words in English that have this ending are exactly the same in Spanish!
There are exceptions, come of which we will list further on, but you will find that the very large majority of words in English ending in ...ble are identical in meaning and spelling when translated to Spanish.
You must, of course, observe the quirks in Chapter One.
Here are some Examples

The BLE Rule

English Spanish Helpful Reminders
...ble ...ble
Admissible Admisible only 1 S
Alienable Alienable
Applicable Aplicable only 1 P
Cable Cable
Calculable Calculable
Comparable Comparable
Compatible Compatible
Comprehensible Comprensible no H, no E
Considerable Considerable
Consolable Consolable
Corrigible Corregible E for I
Corruptible Corruptible
Curable Curable
Delible Delible
Depreciable Depreciable
Dirigible Dirigible
Destructible Destructible
Determinable Determinable
Divisible Divisible
Durable Durable
Executable Executable X pron. like Eng. H
Explicable Explicable
Exportable Exportable
Fallible Falible only 1 L
Flammable Flamable only 1 M
Flexible Flexible
Horrible Horrible quirk #1
Hospitable Hospitable quirk #1
Immitable Imitable only 1 M
Implacable Implacable
Impossible Imposible only 1 S
Impregnable Impregnable
Imputable Imputable
Incessable Incesable only 1 S
Indelible Indeleble E for I
Indispensable Indispensable
Indivisible Indivisible
Indomitable Indomable different spelling
Inflammable Inflamable only 1 M
Innumerable Innumerable
Irrefutable Irrefutable
Irrevocable Irrevocable
Irrisistible Irresistible E for I
Lamentable Lamentable
Laudible Laudible
Malleable Maleable
Memorable Memorable
Moldable Moldeable add an E
Mutable Mutable
Narrable Narrable
Navegable Navegable
Notable Notable
Objectionable Objetable different spelling
Observable Observable
Omisible Omisible
Operable Operable
Passable Pasable
Permeable Permeable
Permissible Permisible only 1 S
Portable Portable
Possible Posible only 1 S
Practicable Practicable
Probable Probable
Reducible Reducible
Refutable Refutable
Removable Removible I for A
Reversible Reversible
Sable Sable
Sensible Sensible
Sociable Sociable
Supportable Soportable O for U, only 1 P
Terminable Terminable
Terrible Terrible
Traversable Transitable different spelling
Useable Usable no E
Violable Violable
Vulnerable Vulnerable

This Rule is accurate approximately 80% of the time, and there are many, many hundreds of words to which this Rule does apply.
There are many additional words in English with this ending that use the prefixes "in.." or "im.." (i.e., Incalculable, Impenetrable, Incompatible, Inhospitable, etc.); these are also identical in Spanish.
One of the peculiarities of the English language is that we tend to invent words rather frequently that more closely express our thoughts. The suffix '....ABLE" is no exception, either. This suffix implies the ability to perform the action of the verb to which it is attached.
For example, if we feel that it is possible to jump over a specific wall, we might describe that wall as being 'JumpABLE", even if the word is not to be found in any dictionary!
If you want to recognize many of the words for which the ...ble Rule does NOT apply, those would be English words that can be preceded by the Prefix "un" (i. e. unpredictable, unrecognizeable, unmoveable, etc.). The Spanish Prefix "in.." is substituted for "un..").

These are some of the more salient words for which this rule does NOT apply:

English Spanish Helpful Reminders
Unable Incapaz
Unbelievable Increíble
Bible Biblia
Incapable Incapaz
Edible Comestible
Fable Fábula, Cuento
Unmanageable Inmanejable
Mandible Mandíbula
Marble Mármol the rock
Marble Canica the toy
Unmeasurable Inmedible
Unmovable Inamovible
Unobtainable Inobtenible
Predictable Predecible
Recognizable Reconocible
Unsustainable Insostenible
Syllable Sílaba
Table (to sit at) Mesa
Table (a listing) Tabla
Unpredictable Impredecible also Imprevisto
Unthinkable Impensable
Untranslatable Intraducible
Trouble Problema
Unrecognizable Irreconocible