Appendix 6 - Useful Verbs

Although we have learned many, many words in the preceding chapters, including hundreds of verbs, there are thousands more in the Spanish language. Here are some additional Spanish verbs that have not been covered by the rules and which you might find useful. You have already learned how to conjugate these verbs in chapter eighteen.

Remember that there are only three verb endings in Spanish:
...AR, ...ER, ...IR

Querer to Want
(Yo) quiero I want
(Tú) quieres You want
(Usted) quiere You want
(Él) quiere He wants
(Ella) quiere She wants
(Nosotros) queremos We want
(Ustedes) quieren You want
(Ellos, Ellas) quieren They want
Necesitar to Need
(Yo) necesito I need
(Tú) necesitas You need
(Usted) necesita You need
(Él) necesita He needs
(Ella) necesita She needs
(Nosotros) necesitamos We need
(Ustedes) necesitan You need
(Ellos, Ellas) necesitan They need
Sentir to Feel
(Yo) siento I feel
(Tú) sientes You feel
(Usted) siente You feel
(Él) siente He feels
(Ella) siente She feels
(Nosotros) sentimos We feel
(Ustedes) sienten You feel
(Ellos, Ellas) sienten They feel
Hacer to Do or to Make
(Yo) hago I do / make
(Tú) haces You do / make
(Usted) hace You do / make
(Él) hace He does / makes
(Ella) hace She does / makes
(Nosotros) hacemos We do / make
(Ustedes) hacen You do / make
(Ellos, Ellas) hacen They do / make
Ir to Go
(Yo) voy I go
(Tú) vas You go
(Usted) va You go
(Él) va He goes
(Ella) va She goes
(Nosotros) vamos We go
(Ustedes) van You go
(Ellos, Ellas) van They go
Venir to Come
(Yo) vengo I come
(Tú) vienes You come
(Usted) viene You come
(Él) viene He comes
(Ella) viene She comes
(Nosotros) venimos We come
(Ustedes) vienen You come
(Ellos, Ellas) vienen They come
Ver to See
(Yo) veo I see
(Tú) ves You see
(Usted) ve You see
(Él) ve He see
(Ella) ve She see
(Nosotros) vemos We see
(Ustedes) ven You see
(Ellos, Ellas) ven They see
Comer to Eat
(Yo) como I eat
(Tú) comes You eat
(Usted) come You eat
(Él) come He eats
(Ella) come She eats
(Nosotros) comemos We eat
(Ustedes) comen You eat
(Ellos, Ellas) comen They eat
Deber must, ought to, to Owe
(Yo) debo I must / ought / owe
(Tú) debes You must / ought / owe
(Usted) debe You must / ought / owe
(Él) debe He must / ought / owes
(Ella) debe She must / ought / owes
(Nosotros) debemos We must / ought / owe
(Ustedes) deben You must / ought / owe
(Ellos, Ellas) deben They must / ought / owe
Pagar to Pay
(Yo) pago I pay
(Tú) pagas You pay
(Usted) paga You pay
(Él) paga He pays
(Ella) paga She pays
(Nosotros) pagamos We pay
(Ustedes) pagan You pay
(Ellos, Ellas) pagan They pay
Llevar to Carry [away], to take [away]
(Yo) llevo I carry / take[away]
(Tú) llevas You carry / take[away]
(Usted) lleva You carry / take[away]
(Él) lleva He carries / takes [away]
(Ella) lleva She carries / takes [away]
(Nosotros) llevamos We carry / take[away]
(Ustedes) llevan You carry / take[away]
(Ellos, Ellas) llevan They carry / take[away]
Traer to Bring
(Yo) traigo I bring
(Tú) traes You bring
(Usted) trae You bring
(Él) trae He brings
(Ella) trae She brings
(Nosotros) traemos We bring
(Ustedes) traen You bring
(Ellos, Ellas) traen They bring
Llamar to Call, to Name
(Yo) llamo I call
(Tú) llamas You call
(Usted) llama You call
(Él) llama He calls
(Ella) llama She calls
(Nosotros) llamamos We call
(Ustedes) llaman You call
(Ellos, Ellas) llaman They call
Poder Can (do)
(Yo) puedo I can
(Tú) puedes You can
(Usted) puede You can
(Él) puede He can
(Ella) puede She can
(Nosotros) podemos We can
(Ustedes) pueden You can
(Ellos, Ellas) pueden They can