Appendix 1 - Matching Words

The principle object of this website is to encourage you to learn more spanish by demonstrating the striking similarities between English and Spanish. Yes, you CAN (and at this point in the website, DO) SPEAK SPANISH!
"Matching Words" should dissipate any remaining fears that you might have about learning Spanish. You are not expected, of course, to memorize each of these translations, but the sheer number of similar English-spanish words that are listed here further exemplifies that Spanish is not the obscure and difficult language you might have thought it to be before you read this website!
In addition to the words you have already learned in the preceding chapters, many of which ue spelled identically in English and in Spanish (such as the ...AL,...AR, ...BLE, ...OR and ...SION Rules), here is a curious listing of Matching words that ought to stimulate your curiosity! See how many more "Rules" you can discover!

Remember proper Spanish Pronunciation!

Some of these words are designated [verb] after the Spanish translation. To conjugate these verbs, see chapter Eighteen. you will also find here some of the exceptions to the above-indicated Rules [i.e. Amiable in English is Amable in spanish]. where an English word has different meanings [i.e."Bulb"] these are indicated and translations for both meanings are provided. There are 150 (count 'em!) new verbs listed here with all three endings (,, to add to those that you have already learned! Here is the list

Matching Words

English Same Spelling Slighty Different Spelling Notes
Abacus Ábaco
Abalone Abulón
Abandon Abandonar Verb
Abandon Abandono Noun
Abdomen Abdomen
Abnormal Anormal
Aborigines Aborígenes
Abort Abortar Verb
Abortion Aborto Noun
Absolute Absoluto
Abstract Abstracto
Absurd Absurdo
Abundance Abundancia
Abundant Abundante
Academy Academia
Acetate Acetato
Acetone Acetona
Access Acceso
Accord Acorde
Accordion Acordeón
Acid Ácido
Acrobat Acróbata
Adenoid Adenoide
Adict Adicto
Adept Adepto
Admire Admirar
Admission Admisión
Admit Admitir verb
Adobe Adobe
Adopt Adoptar verb
Adorn Adornar verb
Adult Adulto
Advance Avanzar verb
Adventure Aventura
Adverb Adverbio
Aerodrome Aeródromo
Aeroplane Aeroplano
Aero Aéreo
Aerosol Aerosol
Affect Afectar verb
Africa África
African Africano
Afro- Afro-
Agar Agar
Agate Ágata
Aggressor Agresor
Agriculture Agricultura
Air Aire
Alamo Álamo
Alarm Alarma
Alaska Alaska
Albino Albino
Albumin Albumina
Alcohol Alcohol
Alfalfa Alfalfa
Algae Alga
Algebra Álgebra quirk #12
Alkali Alkalí
Alliance Alianza
Almanac Almanaque
Alpac Alpaca
Alpha Alfa
Alphabet Alfabeto
Alpine Alpino
Altar Altar
Alter Alterar verb
Altitude Altitud also Altura
Alveolar Alveolar
Amalgam Amalgama
Amaretto Amareto
Amarillo Amarillo
Amateur Amateur
Amber Ámbar
Ambient Ambiente
Ambrosia Ambrosía
Ambulance Ambulancia
Amiable Amable
Amicable Amigable
Amino Amino
Ammonia Amoniaco
Amnion Amnios
Amoeba Ameba
Ampere Amper
Amphora Ánfora
Amplitude Amplitud
Ampule Ámpula
Amulet Amuleto
Anaconda Anaconda
Analog Análogo
Analysis Análisis
Anarchy Anarquía
Anatomy Anatomía
Ancestor Ancestro
Anecdote Anécdota
Anemia Anemia
Anemone Anémona
Aneroid Aneroide
Anesthesia Anestesia
Angel Angel
Angelica Angélica
Angina Angina
Angostura Angostura
Anis Anís
Anisette Anisete
Anode Ánodo
Anorexia Anorexia
Antecessor Antecesor
Antedeluvian Antedeluviano
Antemeridian Antemeridiano
Anticoagulant Anticoagulante
Antigen Antígeno
Aorta Aorta
Apache Apache
Apart Aparte
Apnea Apnea
Apostrophe Apóstrofe
Appetite Apetito
Aptitude Aptitud
Aqueduct Acueducto
Arab Árabe
Arc Arco
Architect Arquitecto
Archive Archivo
Argon Argón
Argument Argumento
Aristocrat Aristócrata
Arm Arma weapon
Armadillo Armadillo
Armament Armamento
Arrest Arrestar verb
Art Arte
Artery Arteria
Artist Artista
Asafetida Asafétida
Asbestos Asbesto
Aspire Aspire Aspirar
Assist Asistir
Asterisk Asterisco
Asteroid Asteroide
Asthma Asma
Astral Astral
Astringent Astringente
Astronaut Astronauta
Astute Astuto Astuta [f]
Atlas Atlas
Atmosphere Atmósfera
Atom Átomo
Audio Audio
Audit Auditar verb
Auditor Auditor
Aura Aura
Auricular Auricular
Aurora Aurora
Austere Austero Austera [f]
Author Autor
Auto Auto
Autoclave Autoclave
Automobile Automóvil
Axis Axis also Eje
Bacteria Bacteria
Badminton Badminton
Baffle Baffle
Baklava Baklava
Balance Balance noun
Balance Balancear verb
Ballad Balada
Ballast Balasta
Ballet Ballet
Balsam Bálsamo
Balsa Balsa
Bambino Bambino
Bamboo Bambú
Banana Banano
Bank Banco
Barracuda Barracuda
Barrel Barril
Barricade Barricada
Baritone Barítono
Baron Barón
Basal Basal
Base Base
Basilica Basílica
Bastion Bastión
Baton Batón
Battery Batería
Begonia Begonia
Benefit Beneficio
Beta Beta
Bible Biblia
Bidet Bidet
Bicarbonate Bicarbonato
Bigamy Bigamia
Bikini Bikini
Biography Biografía
Boa Boa
Bomb Bomba
Bonanza Bonanza
Bongo Bongo
Bordello Bordelo
Brandy Brandy
Brassiere Brassiere also Brasier
Broccoli Brócoli
Brute Bruto
Buffet Bufete
Bulb Bulbo flower
Bulb Bulbo electronic
Cabaret Cabaret
Cabin Cabina
Cabriolet Cabriolet
Cacao Cacao
Cactus Cactus
Cadaver Cadáver
Cadet Cadete
Cafe Café
Calendar Calendario
Caliber Calibre
Calico Cálico
Calm Calma noun
Calm Calmar verb
Calorie Caloría
Camera Cámara
Camphor Canfor also Alcanfor
Canal Canal
Canape Canapé
Cancel Cancelar
Cancer Cáncer
Candid Cándido
Candidate Candidato
Cannibal Canibal
Cannula Cánula
Capon Capón
Capsule Cápsula
Car Carro
Caravan Caravana
Carbon Carbón
Caricature Caricatura
Carnival Carnaval
Casino Casino
Caste Casta
Catalog Catálogo
Catamaran Catamarán
Catastrophe Catástrofe
Category Categoría
Cellulose Celulosa
Cement Cemento
Center Centro noun
Center Centrar verb
Centrifuge Centrífugo noun
Centrifuge Centrifugar
Chalet Chalet
Charlatan Charlatán
Character Carácter
Charisma Carisma
Chassis Chasis
Chef Chef
Chile Chile
Chili Chile
Chinchilla Chinchilla
Chocolate Chocolate
Cholesterol Colesterol
Chromosome Cromosoma
Cinema Cinema
Circuit Circuito
Cistern Cisterna
Civil Civil
Clarinet Clarinete
Climate Clima
Climax Clímax
Clinic Clínica
Clitoris Clítoris
Closet Closet
Club Club
Cobalt Cobalto
Cobra Cobra
Cocaine Cocaína
Cocoa Cocoa
Colibri Colibrí
Colon Colon
Colorado Colorado
Column Columna
Coma Coma
Combat Combate noun
Combat Combatir verb
Combustion Combustión
Comedy Comedia
Comfort Confort
Compassion Compasión
Compact Compacto
Compass Compás
Concave Cóncavo
Condom Condón
Cone Cono
Confess Confesar verb
Confessor Confesor
Confetti Confeti
Conflict Conflicto
Congestion Congestión
Congress Congreso
Conservatory Conservatorio
Console Consola
Consonant Consonante
Conspire Conspirar verb
Consul Cónsul
Consult Consultar verb
Consume Consumir verb
Contact Contacto noun
Contact Contactar verb
Content Contento
Contraband Contrabando
Contrast Contraste noun
Contrast Contrastar verb
Control Control noun
Control Controlar verb
Convent Convento
Cordon Cordón
Correct Correcto adjective
Correct Corregir verb
Correspond Corresponder
Corridor Corredor
Corrupt Corrupto
Cosmos Cosmos
Coyote Coyote
Crater Cráter
Credit Crédito noun
Credit Acreditar verb
Crepe Crepé paper
Crepe Crepa food
Crest Cresta
Crisis Crisis
Crude Crudo
Crusade Cruzada
Cube Cubo
Cuadruple Cuádruple
Cupula Cúpula
Cursor Cursor
Curve Curva
Dahlia Dahlia
Daiquiri Daiquirí
Dame Dama
Dance Danza
Data Datos
Debacle Debacle
Debate Debate noun
Debate Debatir verb
Debit Débito
Debut Debut
Debutante Debutante
Decade Década
Decalcomonia Calcomanía
Decathlon Decatlón
Decorum Decoro
Decibel Decibel
Decide Decidir verb
Decline Declinar verb
Deduce Deducir verb
Defame Difamar
Deficit Déficit
Define Definir verb
Degrade Degradar verb
Delincuency Delincuencia
Delinquent Delincuente
Delirium Delirio
Delta Delta
Demand Demandar verb
Demerit Demérito
Democrat Demócrata
Demon Demonio
Denier Denier
Dense Denso
Dentist Dentista
Depend Depender verb
Dependency Dependencia
Deport Deportar
Deposit Depósito noun
Deposit Depositar verb
Derelict Derrelicto
Dermatome Dermatoma
Describe Describir verb
Despot Déspota
Detective Detective
Determine Determinar verb
Detest Detestar
Detonator Detonador
Diabetes Diabetes
Diagram Diagrama
Dialect Dialecto
Dialogue Diálogo
Dialysis Diálisis
Diapason Diapasón
Diaphragm Diafragma
Diarrhea Diarrea
Diathermy Diatermia
Dictator Dictador
Dielectric Dieléctrico
Diesel Diesel
Diet Dieta
Digit Dígito
Digitalis Digitalis
Dilemma Dilema
Dilute Diluído adjective
Dilute Diluir verb
Dinosaur Dinosaurio
Diode Diodo
Dioxide Dióxido
Diploma Diploma
Diplomat Diplomático
Direct Directo adjective
Direct Dirigir verb
Disc, Disk Disco
Discontinue Discontinuar verb
Disgrace Desgracia noun
Disgrace Desgraciar verb
Disorient Desorientar verb
Disperse Dispersar
Distance Distanciar verb
Distil Destilar verb
Distinct Distinto
District Distrito
Divan Diván
Divide Dividir verb
Docile Dócil
Doctrine Doctrina
Document Documento noun
Document Documentar verb
Dogma Dogma
Dollar Dólar
Dome Domo
Domicile Domicilio
Domino Dominó
Dominion Dominio
Dose Dosis
Dosis Dosis
Double Doble
Dragon Dragón
Drama Drama
Dual Dual
Ductile Dúctil
Duet Dueto
Duo Dúo
Duplex Duplex
Echo Eco
Eclipse Eclipse
Ecstasy Éxtasis
Ecuator Ecuador
Eczema Eczema Eccema
Edema Edema
Edit Editar verb
Effect Efecto
Ego Ego
Electrocardiogram Electrocardiograma
Electrode Electrodo
Electron Electrón
Elegant Elegante
Elephant Elefante
Elevator Elevador
Elixir Elixir
Ellipse Elipse
Embargo Embargo noun
Embargo Embargar verb
Emblem Emblema
Embryo Embrio
Emergency Emergencia
Emerald Esmeralda
Emir Emir
Emit Emitir verb
Emphasis Énfasis
Encyclopedia Enciclopedia
Endocarditis Endocarditis
Endogen Endógeno
Energy Energía
Enigma Enigma
Enlace Enlace
Enthusiasm Entusiasmo
Enzyme Enzima
Epiglottis Epiglotis
Epilepsy Epilepsia
Episode Episodio
Epoch Época
Epoxy Epóxido
Equator Ecuador
Equestrian Ecuestre
Equilibrium Equilibrio
Equip Equipar verb
Era Era
Err Errar verb
Errata Errata
Erotica Erótica
Escape Escape
Escape Escapar verb
Espresso Expreso
Essence Esencia
Estrus Estro
Etcetera Etcétera
Ether Éter
Eucaliptus Eucalipto
Eureka Eureka
Europe Europa
Evade Evadir verb
Event Evento
Exact Exacto
Examen Examen
Examine Examinar verb
Except Excepto
Excess Exceso
Excuse Excusa noun
Excuse Excusar verb
Expand Expandir verb
Export Exportar
Expose Exponer
Expositor Expositor
Exist Existir verb
Existent Existente
Experiment Experimento noun
Experiment Experimentar verb
External Externo
Extinct Extinto
Extra Extra
Extravaganza Extravaganza
Extreme Extremo
Exuberant Exuberante
Facet Faceta
Falcon Falcón
False Falso
Family Familia
Fantasm Fantasma
Fatigue Fatiga noun
Fatigue Fatigar verb
Fauna Fauna
Feminine Femenino
Femur Fémur
Ferment Fermentar verb
Fertile Fértil
Fetus Feto
Fibre (or fiber) Fiebre
Fibula Fíbula
Figure Figura noun
Figure Figurar verb
Fillet Filete noun
Fillet Filetear verb
Filter Filtro noun
Filter Filtrar verb
Fin (end) Fin
Finance Finanza
Fine Fino
Flamenco Flamenco
Flamingo Flamingo
Flora Flora
Florid Florido
Flotilla Flotilla
Fluid Fluído
Fluorescence Fluorescencia
Fluothane Fluotano
Foliage Follaje
Folio Folio
Forage Forraje
Forceps Forceps
Form Forma
Format Formato noun
Format Formateat verb
Formula Fórmula
Fortune Fortuna
Fossil Fósil
Fracture Fractura noun
Fracture Fracturar verb
Fragile Frágil
Fragment Fragmento
Fragrance Fragancia
Freon Freón
Frequency Frecuencia
Frijol Frijol
Fronton Frontón
Fumarole Fumarola
Future Futuro
Gabardine Gabardina
Gala Gala
Galaxy Galaxia
Galleon Galeón
Gallon Galón
Gallery Galería
Gamma Gama
Gangrene Gangrena
Garage Garage
Garrote Garrote
Gas Gas
Gendarme Gendarme
Genesis Génesis
Genitalia Genitalia
Genius Genio
Genuine Genuino
Germicide Germicida
Gigolo Gígolo
Globule Glóbulo
Glory Gloria
Glutton Glotón
Glycerine Glicerina
Golf Golf
Gondola Góndola
Gorila Gorila
Gram Gramo
Grand Grande
Gratis Gratis
Grave Grave adjective
Guard Guardia noun
Guard Guardar verb
Guardian Guardián
Guru Gurú
Gymnast Gimnasta
Habeas corpus Hábeas corpus
Habitant Habitante
Harmony Armonía
Harpoon Arpón
Hectare Hectárea
Helicoid Helicoidal
Helicopter Helicóptero
Helix Hélix
Hematocrit Hematocrito
Hemorhage Hemorragia
Hemorhoid Hemorroide
Heparin Heparina
Herald Heraldo
Herb Hierba
Herbal Hierbal
Hero Héroe
Hexagon Hexágono
Hippopotamus Hipopótamo
History Historia
Homeopath Homeópata
Homicide Homicido also Homicidio
Horizon Horizonte
Hostile Hostil
Human Humano
Hybrid Híbrido
Hydrocortisone Hidrocortisona
Hydrogen Hidrógeno
Hypnosis Hipnosis
Hypocrite Hipócrita
Idiom Idioma
Idiot Idiota
Idol Ídolo
Ignorance Ignorancia
Iguana Iguana
Illicit Ilícito
Image Imagen
Imobile Inmóvil
Impact Impacto noun
Impact Impactar verb
Impediment Impedimento
Impetigo Impétigo
Implant Implante noun
Implant Implantar verb
Implement Implementar verb
Importance Importancia
Impulse Impulso
Incision Incisión
Incisor Incisor
Incognito Incógnito
Indecorum Indecoro
Indigo Índigo
Inert Inerte
Inertia Inercia
Infantile infantil
Infect Infectar verb
Infidel Infiel
Influence Influencia
Influenza Influenza
Inform Informar verb
Infromant Informante
Insomnia Insomnia
Instant Instante
Insulin Insulina
Intellect Intelecto
Intense Intenso
Interest Interés
Intercept Interceptar verb
Interferon Interferón
Intermediary Intermediario
Intermezzo Intermezzo
Intern Interno noun
Intern Internar verb
Internal Interno adjective
Interpol Interpol
Interval Intervalo
Intestine Intestino
Intrauterine Intrauterino
Introduce Introducir verb
Invalid Inválido
Invent Inventar verb
Ion Ión
Iris Iris
Isle Isla
Israel Israel
Israeli Israelí
Italian Italiano
Italix Italix
Jacaranda Jacaranda
Jaguar Jaguar
Jai-alai Jai-alai
Jalisco Jalisco
Jamaica Jamaica
Jesus Jesús
Jubilant Jubilante
Judas Judas
Jugular Yugular
July Julio
June Junio
Jupiter Júpiter
Just Justo
Kangaroo Kanguro also Canguro
Karate Karate
Karma Karma
Keratosis Keratosis
Kerosene Queroseno
Kibbutz Kibutz
Kilo Kilo
Kilogram Kilogramo
Kiwi Kiwi
Kleptomania Cleptomanía
Korea Korea Corea
Kosher Kosher
Kudu Kudú
Lactase Lactasa
Lactobacillus Lactobacilo
Lactose Lactosa
Lagoon Laguna
Lament Lamento noun
Lament Lamentar verb
Lamina Lámina
Language Lenguaje also idioma
Lapse Lapso
Larva Larva
Lasagna Lasagna Lasaña
Laser Láser
Latex Látex
Laurel Laurel
Lava Lava
Lecture Lectura noun
Leguslature Legislatura
Lemon Limón
Leukemia Leucemia
Liberty Libertad
Libra Libra
License Licencia
Limbo Limbo
Lime Lima
Limousine Limousine
Linguist Lingüista
Lipid Lípido
Liquid Líquido
Lira Lira
Llama Llama
Loran Lorán
Lottery Lotería
Lotus Lotus
Lubricator Lubricador
Lumbar Lumbar
Lumen Lumen
Lunar Lunar
Lupus Lupo
Lustre Lustro
Luxurious Lujoso
Macabre Macabro
Macaroon Macarrón
Machete Machete
Macro Macro
Maestro Maestro
Magma Magma
Magneto Magneto
Magnetron Magnetrón
Magnificent Magnífico
Magnolia Magnolia
Maguey Maguey
Maharajah Majarajá
Maharani Majarani
Maize Maíz
Major Mayor
Major [rank] Mayor
Malaria Malaria
Malta Malta
Mamba Mamba
Mambo Mambo
Mamma Mamá
Mana Maná
Manatee Manatí
Mandrill Madnril
Mango Mango
Mania Manía
Manicure Manicure
Manifest Manifiesto noun
Manifest Manifestar verb
Manila Manila
Manipulate Manipular
Mantilla Mantilla
Map Mapa
Maple Maple
Maraca Maraca
Marathon Maratón
Margarita Margarita
Margin Margen
Marimba Marimba
Marina Marina
Marine [deck hand] Marinero
Marlin Marlín
Marmalade Mermelada
Maroon Marrón
Martini Martini
Martyr Mártir
Mascot Mascota
Mason Masón
Mass Masa physical
Mass Misa religious ceremony
Massacre Masacre
Massage Masaje
Mastic Mastique
Mastodon Mastodonte
Mastoid Mastoide
Mate Mate as in chess
Matrix Matriz
Matte Mate
Matter Materia noun
Mausoleum Mausoleo
Maxilla Maxila
Maximum Máximo
Mayonaise Mayonesa
Medalist Medallista
Media Medio
Medicine Medicina
Megalopolis Megalópolis
Melancholia Melancolía
Melodic Melódico
Melody Melodía
Melon Melón
Membrane Membrana
Memory Memoria
Menace Amenaza
Meniscus Menisco
Menthol Mentol
Menu Menú
Mercury Mercurio
Meridian Meridiano
Merino Merino
Mesa Meseta geology
Mescaline Mescalina
Mesquite Mezquite
Messiah Mesías
Metamorphosis Metamorfosis
Metastasis Metástasis
Meteor Meteoro
Meter Metro
Methane Metano
Methanol Metanol
Method Método
Methodist Metodista
Methyl Metil
Metro Metro
Metronome Metrónomo
Metropolis Metrópolis
Metropolitan Metropolitano
Mezzanine Mezanine
Mica Mica
Micro Micro
Microbe Microbio
Microparasite Microparásito
Microprocessor Microprocesador
Midi Midi prefix
Militia Milicia
Million Millón
Mimosa Mimosa
Mini Mini prefix
Miniature Miniatura
Minimum Mínimo
Minister Ministro noun
Minor Menor
Minuet Minueto
Miscelanea Miscelánea
Misery Miseria
Missile Misil
Mission Misión
Mobile Móvil
Mode Modo
Model Modelo
Modem Módem
Modern Moderno
Modest Modesto
Modesty Modestia
Mollecule Molécula
Molest Molestar verb
Monarch Monarca
Mongol Mongol
Mongolia Mongolia
Monochrome Monócromo
Monomania Monomanía
Monopoly Monopolio
Monterrey Monterrey
Morbid Mórbido
Morgue Morgue
Mortar Mortero
Mosquito Mosquito
Much Mucho
Mucus Mucosa
Mule Mula
Multi Multi prefix
Multiple Múltiple
Multitude Multitud
Mundane Mundano
Murmur Murmullo noun
Murmur murmurar verb
Mutant Mutante
Mutual Mutuo
Mistery Misterio
Naphta Nafta
Narrator Narrador
Nausea Násuea
Nautical Náutico
Nebula Nebulosa
Necessary Necesario
Nectar Néctar
Negro Negro
Negroid Negroide
Nemesis Némesis
Neocortex Neocortex
Neon Neón
Neoprene Neopreno
Neptune Neptuno
Nerve Nervio
Net Neto adjective
Neuroma Neuroma
Neutron Neutrón
Nevada Nevada
Nicaragua Nicaragua
Nickel Niquel
Nicotine Nicotina
Nitrogen Nitrógeno
Nodule Nódulo
Note Nota noun
Note Anotar verb
Notice Noticia
Nova Nova
Novel Novela
Nucleus Núcleo
Nylon Nylon
Nymph Ninfa
Oasis Oasis
Obedience Obediencia
Object Objeto
Obscene Obsceno
Observe Observar verb
Observatory Observatorio
Obsolete Obsoleto
Obstacle Obstáculo
Obtuse Obtuso
Occult Oculto
Occupant Ocupante
Occurence Ocurrencia
Ocean Oceano
Ochre Ocre
Octagon Octágono
Octane Octano
Octanol Octanol
Offence / Offense Ofensa
Offend Ofender verb
Office Oficina
Ogre Ogro
Ohm Ohmio
Oleander Oleandro
Olecranon Olecranón
Oleo Óleo
Oligarchy Oligarquía
Omega Omega
Omit Omitir verb
Omnibus Omnibus
Onyx Onix
Opal Ópalo
Opaque Opaco
Opera Ópera
Opium Opio
Opportune Oportuno
Oratory Oratorio
Orbit Órbita
Orchestra Orquesta
Orchid Orquidia
Order Orden noun
Order Ordenar verb
Ordinary Ordinario
Organ Órgano
Orgy Orgía
Orient Orientar verb
Origin Origen
Oriole Oriol
Ornate Ornato
Orthodox Ortodoxo
Osmium Osmio
Overture Obertura
Ovule Óvulo
Oxygen Oxígeno
Ozone Ozono
Pachiderm Paquidermo
Pagan Pagano
Pagoda Pagoda
Pajamas Pijamas
Pakistan Pakistán
Pakistani Pakistaní
Palace Palacio
Palladium Paladio
Palm Palma
Panacea Panacea
Panache Panache
Panama Panamá
Pancreas Pancreas
Panda Panda
Pandemonium Pandemonio
Panel Panel [group] Panal [ for bees]
Panorama Panorama
Pantaloon [trousers] Pantalón
Pantheon Panteón
Panther Pantera
Pantomime Pantomima
Papaya Papaya
Papyrus Papiro
Paraffin Parafina
Paragon Paragón
Paraguay Paraguay
Parallel Paralelo
Paralysis Parálisis
Paramo Páramo
Paranoia Paranoia
Parasite Parásito
Parasol Parasol
Pardon Perdón
Pardon Perdonar verb [forgive]
Parenthesis Paréntesis
Paris París
Park Parque
Part Parte
Particle Partícula
Parquet Parquet
Pass Pase
Passage Pasaje
Passion Pasión
Passport Pasaporte
Pasta Pasta food
Paste Pasta noun
Paste Empastar verb
Pastel [color] Pastel also means cake
Pasture Pastura
Patience Paciencia
Patient Paciente
Patio Patio
Patriarch Patriarca
Patrimony Patrimonio
Patriot Patriota
Patron Patrón
Pavillion Pabellón
Pelican Pelícano
Pellagra Pelagra
Pelvis Pelvis
Penicillin Penicilina
Penitenciary Penitenciaría
Pentagon Pentágono
Penumbra Penumbra
Peon Peón
Per capita Per cápita
Percolator Percolador
Peregrine Peregrino
Perfect Perfecto
Perfume Perfume
Pergola Pérgola
Period Periodo
Peroxide Peróxido
Perpetual Perpetuo
Person Persona
Personal Personal
Perverse Perverso
Pervert Pervertido
Peso Peso
Pesticide Pesticida
Pestilence Pestilencia
Petal Pétalo
Petroleum Petróleo
Phallus Falo
Phantasm Fantasma
Pharmacy Farmacia
Phase Fase
Phenol Fenol
Philosophy Filosofía
Phoenix Fénix
Photo Foto
Photodetector Fotodetector
Photographer Fotógrafo
Photon Fotón
Phrase Frase
Physics Física
Piano Piano
Pica Pica
Picaro Pícaro
Piezo Piezo
Pilot Piloto noun
Pilot Pilotear verb
Pimento Pimiento
Piña colada Piña colada
Piñata Piñata
Pine Pino tree
Pinion Piñó nut
Pint Pinta
Pioneer Pionero
Pipe Pipa
Pirate Pirata
Piranha Piraña
Pistachio Pistacho
Pistol Pistola
Piston Pistón
Piton Pitón
Pivot Pivote noun
Pivot Pivotear verb
Placebo Placebo
Placenta Placenta
Placid Plácido
Plan Plan noun
Plan Planear verb
Plane Plano flat
Plane Planear to glide
Planet Planeta
Planetoid Planetoide
Plant Planta factory or flora
Plaque Placa
Plasma Plasma
Platelet Plateleta
Platinum Platino
Plumage Plumaje
Pneumonia Neumonía
Podium Podio
Poem Poema
Poet Poeta
Polar Polar
Pole [north] Polo
Police Policía
Politics Política
Politico Político
Polka Polka
Pollen Polen
Polo Polo
Polyp Pólipo
Pomade Pomada
Pontoon Pontón
Portfolio Portafolio
Potassium Potasio
Potent Potente
Practice Práctica
Precede Preceder verb
Precedence Precedencia
Precious Precioso
Precise Preciso
Premier Premier
Prepare Preparar
Present Presente
Preserve Preserva noun
Preserv Preservar verb
Presidium Presidio
Presto Presto
Pretext Pretexto
Previous Previo
Primary Primario
Princess Princesa
Prism Prisma
Prison Prisión
Prisoner Prisionero
Privacy Privacía
Privilege Privilegio
Problem Problema
Process Proceso noun
Process Procesar verb
Procurator Procurador
Profane Profano
Professor Profesor
Progress Progreso noun
Progress Progresar verb
Prohibit Prohibir verb
Project Proyecto noun
Project Proyectar verb
Prolapse Prolapso
Prologue Prólogo
Promise Promesa noun
Promised Prometer verb
Propaganda Propaganda
Propane Propano
Propellor Propela
Prophet Profeta
Prosaic Prosaico
Prose Prosa
Prospect Prospecto
Prostate Próstata
Prostitute Prostituta
Protagonist Protagonista
Proton Protón
Psychosis Psicosis
Pulse Pulso
Pupil (eye) Pupila
Pure (100%) Puro
Puré Puré made pasta
Purge Purga noun
Purge Purgar verb
Purulent Purulent
Pus Pús
Putrid Pútrido
Pyramid Pirámide
Python Pitón
Quarantine Cuarentena
Quark Qüark
Quart Cuarto
Quartet Cuarteto
Quartz Cuarzo
Quaternario Cuaternario
Quasi Quasi
Quebec Québec
Quest Cuesta
Question Cuestión
Quinella Quiniela
Quinine Quinina
Quintet Quinteto
Quintuple Quintuple
Quito Quito
Quota Cuota
Rabbi Rabino
Rabies Rabia
Radiant Radiante
Radiator Radiador
Radio Radio
Radioisotope Radioisótopo
Radium Radio
Radius Radio
Radon Radón
Rally Rally
Ranch Rancho
Rancid Ráncido
Range Rango
Rapid Rápido
Rapt Rapto
Rare Raro
Rasp Raspa
Rat Rata
Rayon Rayón
Reason Razón noun
Reason Razonar verb
Rebel Rebelde noun
Rebel Rebelarse verb
Rebellion Rebelión
Rebozo Rebozo
Recalcitrant Recalcitrante
Recess Receso
Reciprocal Recíproco
Recite Recitar verb
Recluse Recluso
Rectitude Rectitud
Rectum Recto
Reduce Reducir verb
Redundant Redundant
Reference Referencia
Reflex Reflejo
Reform Reforma
Refrigerator Refrigerador
Regal Real
Regalia Regalia
Regent Regente
Regimen Régimen
Regiment Regimiento
Region Región
Register Registro
Regular Regular
Regulator Regulador
Relapse Relapso
Religion Religión
Remedy Remedio noun
Remedy Remediar verb
Remit Remitir verb
Remote Remoto
Rent Renta
Repertoire Repertorio
Replete Repleto
Replica Réplica
Report Reporte noun, document
Report Reportar verb, notify
Represent Representar verb
Repressor Represor
Reproduce Reproducir verb
Reptile Reptil
Repugnance Repugnancia
Reserve Reserva noun, spare
Reserve Reservar verb, keep apart
Reside Residir verb
Residence Residencia
Residue Residuo
Resilience Resilencia
Resilient Resilente
Resin Resina
Resist Resistir verb
Resolute Resoluto
Respect Respecto reference to
Respect Respetar verb
Respirator Respirador
Rest Resto what's left
Restaurant Restaurant
Resume Resumen
Retard Retardar verb
Retort Retorta
Retrocede Retroceder verb, to withdraw
Retrovirus Retrovirus
Reunion Reunión
Reverend Reverend
Reverse Reversa
Revolver Revólver
Rhapsody Rapsodia
Rhyme Rima
Ridicule Ridiculizar verb
Rifle Rifle
Rime Rima
Rite Rito
Rob Robar verb
Robot Robot
Robust Robusto
Romance Romance
Rose Rosa
Rosette Roseta
Roster Róster
Roulette Ruleta
Routine Rutina
Rubidium Rubidio
Rude Rudo
Ruin Ruina noun
Ruin Arruinar verb
Rumba Rumba
Saccharine Sacarina
Salamander Salamandra
Salami Salami
Salary Salario
Salmon Salmón
Salmonella Salmonela
Salon Salón
Samba Samba
Sandal Sandalia
Sane Sano
Sanguinary Sanguinario
Sanguine Sanguineo
Sarcasm Sarcasmo
Satelite Satélite
Satire Sátiro
Sauna Sauna
Sauté Sauté
Savor Sabor flavor
Savor Saborear verb
Saxon Sajón
Saxophone Saxofón
Scale Escala
Scallop Escalopa
Scandal Escándalo
Scapular Escapular
Scene Escena
Scholar Escolar
Sclerosis Esclerosis
Scorpión Escorpión also Alacrán
Sculptor Escultor
Secret Secreto
Sedan Sedán
Seduce Seducir verb
Selenium Selenio
Semen Semen
Semester Semestre
Semi Semi prefix
Semifluid Semifluido
Seminar Seminario
Semolina Semolina
Senator Senador
Sentence Sentencia noun, prison
Sentence Sentenciar verb, to pronounce
Sentiment Sentimiento
Separator Separador
Septum Septum
Sepulchre Sepulcro
Serape Sarape
Serenade Serenata noun
Serenade Serenar verb
Serene Sereno
Series Serie
Sermon Sermón
Serpentine Serpentina
Service Servicio
Servile Servil
Severe Severo
Sex Sexo
Sextet Sexteto
Sextuple Séxtuple
Sierra Sierra
Siesta Siesta
Sign Sign as in Zodiaco
Signal Señal
Silence Silencio noun
Silence Silenciar verb
Silica Sílica
Silicon Silicón
Silo Silo
Simple Simple
Sinusitis Sinusitis
Siphon Sifón
Siren Sirena
Site Sitio
Skeleton Esqueleto
Ski Ski Esquí
Socialist Socialista
Society Sociedad
Soda Soda
Sodomy Sodomía
Solemn Solemne
Solenoid Solenoide
Solid Sólido
Solitaire Solitario
Solo Solo
Sonata Sonata
Sonde Sonda
Soprano Soprano
Sorbent Sorbente
Sorgo Sorgo
Soy Soya
Space Espacio
Spaghetti Espagueti
Spatula Espátula
Species Especies
Specimen Espécimen
Spectrum Espectro
Speculum Espéculo
Sperm Esperma
Spermicide Espermicide
Sphere Esfera
Spirit Espíritu
Sponge Esponja
Spore Espora
Stalactite Estalactite
Stalagmite Estalagmita
Stamp Estampa noun
Stamp Estampar verb
Standar Estándar
Stanza Estancia
Statue Estatua
Stature Estatura
Stellar Estelar
Stencil Esténcil
Stereo Estéreo
Sterile Estéril
Stigma Estigma
Stress Estrés
Stupid Estúpido
Style Estilo
Subaltern Subalterno
Sublime Sublime
Sumarine Submarino
Subsist Subsistir verb
Suite Suite
Supernova Supernova
Support Soporte noun
Support Soportar verb
Syllabe Sílaba
Symbol Símbolo
Synagogue Sinagoga
Syndicate Sindicato
Syndrome Síndrome
Synonym Sinónimo
Synopsis Sinopsis
Synthesis Síntesis
System Sistema
Swastika Swástika
Tablet Tableta
Taboo Tabú
Taco Taco
Taffeta Tafeta
Talon Talón
Tamarind Tamarindo
Tambour Tambor
Tambourine Tamborín
Tampa Tampa
Tampon Tampón
Tanin Tanina
Tapioca Tapioca
Tarantula Tarántula
Tarot Tarot
Tarpon Tarpón
Tartar Tártaro also Sarro
Taurine Taurino
Tavern Taverna
Taxi Taxi
Technic Técnica
Teflon Teflón
Telekinesis Telekinesis
Telephone Teléfono
Telex Telex
Tellurium Telurio
Temperature Temperatura
Temple Templo
Tempo Tempo
Tempura Tempura
Tendon Tendón
Tendril Tendril
Tennis Tenis
Tense Tenso
Tensile Tensil
Tequila Tequila
Termite Termita
Terrace Terraza
Terrapin Terrapín
Terrific Terrífico
Testimony Testimonio
Tetanus Tétano
Tetra Tetra prefix
Tetracycline Tetraciclina
Texas Texas Tejas
Texture Textura
Theory Teoría
Therapy Terapia
Thermonuclear Termonuclear
Thermos Termo
Thermostat Termostato
Thesaurus Tesauro
Thesis Tesis
Tiger Tigre
Tint Tinte
Titan Titán
Tobacco Tabaco
Toboggan Tobogán
Tomb Tumba
Toga Toga
Tombola Tómbola
Tone Tono
Torment Tormenta noun
Torment Atormentar verb
Torrid Tórrido
Torture Tortura noun
Torture Torturar verb
Topaz Topacio
Tornado Tornado
Torpedo Torpedo
Tostada Tostada
Tourist Turista
Toxin Toxina
Trachea Traquea
Trailer Trailer
Traitor Traidor
Trajectory Trayectoria
Tranquil Tranquilo
Transducer Transductor
Transform Transformar verb
Transformer Transformador
Transit Tránsito
Transit (to move) Transitar verb
Translucent Translúcido
Transmit Transmitir verb
Transport Transport noun
Transport Transportar verb
Trapezoid Trapezoide
Trauma Trauma
Triangle Triángulo
Tribe Tribu
Tribute Tributo
Triceps Triceps
Trichina Triquina
Trichinosis Triquinosis
Tricot Tricot
Tricycle Triciclo
Trinity Trinidad
Triple Triple
Triumph Triunfo
Triumphal Triunfal
Triumphant Triunfante
Trombone Trombón
Trocar Trocar
Troop Tropa
Troy Troya
Tuba Tuba
Tube Tubo
Tulip Tulipán
Tumult Tumulto
Tuna Tuna also Atún
Tungsten Tunsgsteno
Tunica Túnica
Tunnel Tunel
Turban Turbante
Turbid Túrbido
Turbo Turbo
Type Tipo
Tyranny Tiranía
Tyrant Tirano
Ulcer Úlcera
Ulna Ulna
Ultimatum Ultimátum
Ultra Ultra prefix
Unguent Ungüento
Unicycle Uniciclo
Uniform Uniforme
Union Unión
Universe Universe
Uranium Uranio
Urban Urbano
Urea Urea
Urethra Uretra
Urine Orina
Urticaria Urticaria
Uruguay Uruguay
Use Usar verb
Utensil Utensilio
Vacant Vacante
Vagabond Vagabundo
Vagina Vagina
Valid Válido
Valley Valle
Vampire Vampiro
Vanilla Vainilla
Varnish Barniz
Vary Variar verb
Vast Vasto
Vehicle Vehículo
Velcro Velcro
Venezuela Venezuela
Vent Ventila
Venture Aventura
Venus Venus
Veranda Veranda
Verb Verbo
Veredict Veredicto
Verify Verificar verb
Vernier Vernier
Verse Verso
Vertebra Vértebra
Vertigo Vértigo
Vestibule Vestíbulo
Veteran Veterano
Veto Veto noun
Veto Vetar, Vedar verb
Viaduct Viaducto
Vibrant Vibrante
Vibrator Vibrador
Vicar Vicario
Victim Víctima
Victory Victoria
Vicuña Vicuña
Video Video
Videocassette Videocasette
Vigil Vigilia
Vigilance Vigilancia
Vigilant Vigilante
Vigorous Vigoroso
Viking Vikingo
Villa Villa
Villain Villano
Vinyl Vinilo
Violence Violencia
Violent Violento
Violet Violeta
Violin Violín
Virgin Virgen
Virile Viril
Virtous Virtuoso
Virulence Virulencia
Virus Virus
Visa Visa
Viscera Víscera
Viscous Viscoso
Visit VIsitar verb
Visitant Visitante
Vista Vista
Vitamin Vitamina
Vitriform Vitriforme
Vitriol Vitriolo
Vivid Vívido
Vocable Vocablo
Vodka Vodka
Vogue Voga
Volatile Volátil
Volcano Volcán
Volt Voltio
Volume Volumen
Voluntary Voluntario
Volunteer Voluntario noun
Vomit Vómito noun
Vomit Vomitar verb
Voodoo Vudú
Vortex Vórtex
Vote Voto noun
Vote Votar verb
Wagon Vagón
Waltz Vals
Xenon Xenón
Yoga Yoga
Yoghurt Yoghurt Yogurt
Yucatan Yucatán
Yucca Yucca Yuca
Zebra Zebra Cebra
Zebú Cebú
Zero Cero
Zinc Zinc
Zircon Zircón
Zodiac Zodiaco
Zone Zona